Comedy of Errors!

Today has been a cooking disaster! Woke up this morning and no hot water…..again! We replaced the hot water heater end of March this year. Larry has had to go down and fiddle with the heater every day for the last 3 days to get it working so that we can have a lukewarm shower. Today I stayed home from work and called in the guys that installed it.

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Dinner tonight

Chloe is cooking for me again tonight. Last night she made cauliflower soup which was delicious and tonight I am getting stuffed green pepper. Hers has quinoa and pinto beans in it with mushroom, onion, feta, etc. Mine has mushroom, onion, cream cheese, celery, kale, serrano pepper, (shoo shoo hot!), feta and tomato. Smells delish…looking forward to my dinner 🙂

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Blog day 1

So, just started this blog where I can hopefully share my low-carb journey with family and friends!  I’ve been low-carb for about 8 months now and am totally bored with my meals.  Been searching for recipes online in the hopes of getting excited about cooking again…….so far, so good!  I’ve found a few just lately that have inspired me, and tried some of them out.  Definitely have a few keepers already!

Have to get ready for tennis now, watch this space 🙂