Comedy of Errors!

Today has been a cooking disaster! Woke up this morning and no hot water…..again! We replaced the hot water heater end of March this year. Larry has had to go down and fiddle with the heater every day for the last 3 days to get it working so that we can have a lukewarm shower. Today I stayed home from work and called in the guys that installed it.

While I’m waiting for them to arrive, I decide to catch up on laundry and housework. Got lots done and then the contractor arrives. While they are busy troubleshooting, I decide I am going to make zucchini fritters…..found the recipe on Pinterest and been longing to try it. Supper is a done deal!!
The recipe sounds awesome but uses regular all purpose flour. Being carb/gluten/wheat free, I reckon no prob. I substitute the all purpose flour with almond flour and mix it all up. I can tell right away it’s not going to work!! It’s so liquidy I can almost drink it! No prob (I’m the eternal optimist), I add some more almond flour. Still ain’t happening, so bright spark decides to add some psyllium husks to thicken it up. It helps a bit and I hopefully drop a few spoonfuls in the pan to fry. Tried to turn my fritters over to cook the other side and ended up with a congealed mess. Clearly this wasn’t going to work!
Chloe comes to the rescue telling me she can fix it. She adds some finely chopped cauliflower and celery to the mix. Looks better, so we enthusiastically drop a few spoonfuls in the pan ( by now it’s lunch time, I skipped breakfast and I am starving!). Well we could sort of flip them over, had to rescue a few bits, but who cares, I’m hungry! I dig in to the first one that leaves the pan and decide I’m not that hungry after all! Load up the garbage can and pour a glass of wine……. clearly I need to drown my sorrows!
Do some more laundry and cleaning. Thinking about a plan B for supper. Decide to make a chicken curry for the meat-eaters (Larry and Caleb). Get that going, no issues, found everything I needed. Remembered I had a spaghetti squash…..lightbulb moment….going to make a spaghetti squash pizza casserole!! Popped squash into the oven. Go to grocery cupboard to grab a large can of chopped tomatoes for my sauce……u won’t believe…….no tomatoes!!! I ALWAYS have canned tomatoes! Poured another glass of wine and tried to think of plan C.
Found some ricotta cheese in the fridge and figure I can fry up some veggies and make a cheese sauce with the ricotta which would be perfect with my spaghetti squash.
Since it’s only about 6 pm and I have loads of time to make the sauce, I ask Chloe to mix up some colour and dye my hair….it’s been a while and the grey is taking over. While the colour is doing its thing, I chop up some mushroom, celery and leeks. Pop those in a pan with a bit of butter and timer goes off to rinse the colour. Off I go to shower and rinse……had an extra long shower due to 3 days of lukewarm water. While I’m in the shower I thought I heard Chloe yell ‘MOM’ but decided my imagination was working overtime! Apparently it wasn’t, because my lovely veg for my lovely cheese sauce for my oh so good spaghetti squash was burnt to a cinder! I forgot to turn the stove off when I went to rinse!
Plan D…..pour a glass of wine for supper. Obviously, I am not going to be eating today!
Chloe came to my rescue again lol, and made me an omelette with onion, the last fresh tomato in the fridge and some artichoke. Topped with lots of grated cheese, it was delicious and I am finally replete!
Who knew eating low-carb was going to take me to the limits of my endurance? Hot dog buns were starting to look very appealing and I may have succumbed if lovely Chloe hadn’t taken pity on me. She IS really the queen of quick, tasty meals, no joke!


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