I used my spiralizer tonight!

I bought a spiralizer a while ago but hadn’t got around to using it yet. I went grocery shopping today and decided to test it out on some zucchini. Here is a pic of the spiralizer Continue reading


Thai vegetable tofu curry

Today was exhausting! I cleaned 2 yachts and walked up and down the docks numerous times bringing up items I had pulled from the yachts to the office (sleeping bags, left over food, cleaning products, linens, towels, etc.) There is only so much I can cram into a cart at a time! I like spending time on the docks cleaning boats every now and then….it’s a good workout, but by the end of the day I am sooo wiped out!

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Thanksgiving weekend

Chelsea is home for the weekend and wants to try some of my favourite low-carb recipes. Last night we had roasted butternut quiche with caprese salad for supper. It’s a real favourite as it’s so quick and easy to make and has never flopped on me! I made ham and pea soup for the carnivores. This morning I made cheesy cauliflower ‘breadsticks’ for brunch. Chelsea is off to go and create something pottery at a studio downtown with her sisters and Caleb has gone to go check out the tennis club at Uvic. I booked an indoor court for this afternoon and we are all going to play some tennis together. Not sure what’s on the menu for tonight but I heard the girls talking about Cornish pasties for themselves. I think I will try something new for myself tonight. Will let you all know what I make and how it turns out 🙂

Fabulous Friday!

Woot woot! It’s Friday at last, really don’t know why I’m so excited, I have to go in to work tomorrow. Quick deckwash, then home to do stuff (like laundry and cleaning lol)
It’s been a tough week, seriously I lost a couple kilos, but not sure if that’s because I am usually inactive to the point of being lazy or if I actually worked my butt off!

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Happy hump day!

Yay, it’s Wednesday and 2 days to go to the weekend 😉 Hopefully I won’t have to work at work, there is ALWAYS work at home however. Was on the docks again today freshening up and setting up a couple of yachts. Will be there again tomorrow… ‘big sigh’…a woman’s work is never done!

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