It’s been a long day!

Dear family and friends, today has been an interesting day lol, I am exhausted. I got up bright and early, had a nice hot shower 🙂 and dropped Caleb off at a bus stop halfway to uvic on my way to work. So far, so good!

Made some decaf coffee at work and got busy with payroll. Found out we have a charter in the am that I didn’t know about! My bookkeeper Ana, got stuck in cleaning the interior, and I finished payroll. Remembered that taxes are due today, but first things first, I had a deck wash to do on a 50′ yacht! Luckily, lots of teak on the deck so not much scrubbing and got it done in a couple of hours. Cleaned the BBQ and filled the water tanks. A few finishing touches on the interior and she looks awesome…….it’s the boat owner boarding tomorrow and I’m sure he will be happy!
Paid taxes, left work around 6pm. Had to stop off at the store and buy food, the cupboards and fridge are bare and it’s soooo frustrating trying to cook a meal only to find out I don’t have what I need.
I fried up some onion, mushrooms and red pepper and mixed that in with the spaghetti squash I had cooked last night. Layered squash, freshly sliced tomatoes and cheese a couple of times and baked in the oven. Ate that with salad on the side.

I also made some mini quiche, found this recipe on Pinterest and it is awesome!

Lunch for the next couple of days is done! You can find the recipe at
Now it’s time to unwind in front of the tv for a bit then going to sleep.


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