Miss Cleo the contraptionist

It’s Tuesday night, supper is in the oven. Chloe and I are having a mushroom, leek and cauliflower casserole. Caleb will be home late tonight, he is working on a team project at school. Larry is away in Panama sorting out getting a yacht onto a ship for delivery to Canada. He has to take the yacht from Colon through the canal to Panama City.

From there she will be loaded onto a freighter. I had ordered some recipe books online called “low-carbing among friends”. They arrived in the mail today and I enthusiastically opened my package excited to check them out. To my horror, I found that they had sent me the wrong books! While I was moaning and groaning about all this, miss Cleo in the meantime had found the empty box the books were delivered in. She loves boxes! Heehee….check this out!

She is trying her darnedest to get into a box that is probably a quarter her size lol! I love our cats….they are so entertaining!
I emailed the supplier of my cookbooks detailing my disappointment at being sent the wrong order. They forwarded me a copy of my order and it seems the mistake was mine! It’s not worth sending them back as the shipping costs more than the value of the books. I decided to keep them 🙂 Oh well…..lesson learned…..do not place order before double checking that I am ordering the right thing!


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