Ooooh…….low-carb falafel!

I found this recipe recently for low-carb falafel. The main ingredient is cauliflower. I’ve been wanting to test it out for sometime now but always been too hungry after work to contemplate making something that could potentially be a disaster…..I tend to make things I know will be good when pressed for time.

Tonight I had leftovers from supper last night so decided to go for it! These falafels are truly delicious! Even Caleb who is strictly a carnivore enjoyed them……after me bribing him to taste them lol! They were quick and easy to make using simple ingredients that most of us would probably have on hand. I followed the recipe but substituted fresh coriander for the parsley. (I didn’t have any fresh parsley) this recipe is definitely making my fave list!

Chloe made a sauce using mayonnaise, lemon and a bit of dill. We had to get creative, had no plain yoghurt for tzatziki sauce and nothing for tahini sauce which is what the recipe calls for. Nevertheless, her sauce was delish with the falafel. Here is a link to the recipe


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