I’m back! Overview of the last couple weeks.

I haven’t posted for a while…..life has been a bit chaotic lately! I spent a few days in Edmonton visiting Chelsea…..we had a good time shopping, eating out and organizing her apartment.
Work has been super busy with admin that I had got behind on and also starting winterisation of the yachts. Haven’t really made any exciting dishes lately, seem to be too tired after work to experiment with my meals as well as cooking for the carnivores 🙂
A few nights ago I made zucchini pasta using my spiralizer, served with a puttanesca sauce.

I didn’t have anchovies so used smoked salmon instead…..it was delicious!
The last couple days I have been feeling off colour, I think I am trying to get a cold or flu but luckily I seldom get sick, just feel achy and miserable for a while then back to normal again! Chloe picked up burgers for herself and the boys tonight and I tried out a recipe for zucchini/eggplant casserole. I baked slices of zucchini and eggplant in the oven for about 15 mins. Layered that with homemade Italian style tomato sauce and cheese, and baked for another 10 mins or so. I also added some cayenne pepper to the tomato sauce to give it a bit of a bite…..I love spicy food :). End result was pretty tasty and the best part was that it was quick and easy.


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