Cabbage Casserole

I love fall..everywhere I look I see beautiful autumn colours, temperatures are down to around 2-7 degrees celcius and I feel so energized! I have so much that I want to do but sadly, there are not enough hours in a day to do it all. Woke up bright and early and enjoyed a cup of decaf! Since eating low-carb I find I can’t drink regular coffee. It gives me the jitters, makes my pulse race and I feel just awful.

Did a bit of house tidying (it never ends) then decided to relax with my knitting for a bit. One and a half dishcloths later, hit the shower, got dressed and Chloe and I went shopping! First stop was bulk barn where we bought a big bag of almonds and a few other treats. Next stop local bookstore, only to find they don’t carry craft books anymore as apparently there was no demand for them! Since the liquor store was right there, we stopped in and got a couple artisan beers (for Chloe) and some wine for me.

Off to walmart to buy some rugs and cushions for the new Leopard 48 that just came in and picked up some groceries for home at the same time.
Next stop Michaels, we are looking for a knitting book. Spent a bit of time there oohing and aahing over things, they didn’t have the book we were looking for unfortunately. Decided we were fed up with shopping and also hungry, so headed home! This little expedition took us 4 hours!
I had left over pea and ham soup and opted to feed that to the carnivores tonight, accompanied by hot dogs with home made tomato/onion sauce. Shopping is exhausting let me tell you!
I had half a cabbage and some leeks that needed using, so decided to make a casserole.
I browned chopped cabbage and leeks in a bit of butter. Added half a cup of canned chopped tomatoes, about 1/4 cup of water, salt, pepper, covered and braised for a while. Removed lid and simmered till all the liquid had dissipated.
Then layered cabbage, slices of fresh tomato and grated cheese in a casserole dish and baked at 350F till cheese was browned.
This was soooo yummy! Cabbage is one of my favourite vegetables.


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