Pizza Stromboli

I have been dying to make pizza with the dough recipe that I used to make the mushroom pinwheels and tonight was the night! I made pizza Stromboli!

I cooked a tomato sauce with garlic, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, a tsp of xylitol, 1 large can chopped tomatoes and reduced that till a thick sauce.

Fried up some onion and mushroom. I had a bag of baby spinach and kale, and lightly cooked that till wilted.

Next made the dough. Rolled it out roughly, (I was hungry and excited to see how it would turn out!) I didn’t bother about making a perfect rectangle. Filled with toppings and some cheese, folded and popped in the oven to bake. I didn’t do a great job of folding either, next time will try making when I am not too hungry lol! I must say, the Stromboli didn’t care…….it was delicious! I could hold a slice in my hand and eat! I did manage to take a pic before digging in though.

Here is a link the the recipe. This lady is a genius!

I made mini quiches with the leftover Stromboli filling. Breakfast tomorrow 🙂


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