Happy hump day!

Yay, it’s Wednesday and 2 days to go to the weekend 😉 Hopefully I won’t have to work at work, there is ALWAYS work at home however. Was on the docks again today freshening up and setting up a couple of yachts. Will be there again tomorrow… ‘big sigh’…a woman’s work is never done!

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Blog day 1

So, just started this blog where I can hopefully share my low-carb journey with family and friends!  I’ve been low-carb for about 8 months now and am totally bored with my meals.  Been searching for recipes online in the hopes of getting excited about cooking again…….so far, so good!  I’ve found a few just lately that have inspired me, and tried some of them out.  Definitely have a few keepers already!

Have to get ready for tennis now, watch this space 🙂